The Strategy Debate Goes Public

What is the best strategy to ensure that each of the 6,000 babies born in Vermont each year is surrounded by a nurturing family?  How can our state ensure that every child has access to high-quality preschool?  What can guidance counselors, police officers and social workers do to support children who have an incarcerated parent?

In short, how do you build healthy, happy children and families?

And, for a private funder, what is our unique role?  How can we use our resources to effect change?  These are the questions we wrestle with at the Permanent Fund.  Luckily, we are in excellent company.  Many of our philanthropic colleagues join us in debating strategy – so many and so often, in fact, that we realized that we had some excellent writing that has been generated in the process.  To keep the dialogue going with a larger audience, we decided to post some of it here.

We look forward to sharing the thoughts of Permanent Fund board members, staff and philanthropic colleagues here – and welcome your reactions.  We may contradict ourselves, we may post thoughts from our philanthropic colleagues with which we disagree.  We’ll be thinking out loud (rather, online) –  no promises, no commitments, no expectation that grants will necessarily follow.   We are seeking to build the forum for discussion, nothing more.

So, enjoy, reply, and thanks for sharing our passion for building healthy, happy children and families.

Cheers, Christine

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