Why Babies Matter to Business

Learning why babies matter to business

Several years ago as a member of the Vermont Business Roundtable, I attended an annual meeting at Basin Harbor where I first learned about the latest “brain science” in relation to early childhood development. The Roundtable had long been a big proponent for early childhood issues, but something changed for me that day. Maybe it was being a relatively new grandfather marveling at those new human beings developing before my eyes or maybe it was that the message that day was so compelling on its own. Regardless, I became convinced that the greatest opportunity we have to improve our economy and our community, in so many ways, is in how we support and invest in our youngest citizens.

It wasn’t long before I joined Rick Davis and the board of the Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children.

The economic case for early childhood education

In the program “Are We Crazy About Our Kids?”, economists and others present a powerful economic case for supporting quality early childhood experiences and why this should be of importance to every business in America. It includes much of the same “brain science” message I heard in Basin Harbor. This segment is a supporting piece of the “The Raising of America” documentary series—to be aired on PBS later in 2015—that was recently previewed across Vermont by the Let’s Grow Kids campaign and its many supporting partners. I invite you to take a look, and perhaps you, like I, will feel that sense of urgency and that need to get involved and make a difference for all of Vermont’s children.

Tom MacLeay, treasurer and board member of the Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children, is board chair and former CEO of National Life Group

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