Vermont Governor Announces $400,000 Grant in Pre-K Funding

I’ve found that the states that are doing the most for early childhood education—think Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Oklahoma —are the ones that began with the most supportive governors. These governors made advancing the quality and availability of early childhood care and education a priority during their tenures—and they have gotten things done. In Vermont, Governor Shumlin signaled his support for improving early childhood education by dedicating his entire inaugural address to education.

Recently, the Governor gave the early childhood community yet another signal. For the first time ever, the State of Vermont stepped forward with a $400,000 grant to the Permanent Fund to help fund the work of the Vermont Community Preschool Collaborative (VCPC). Coupled with $400,000 raised by the Permanent Fund and its other funding partners, this $800,000 represents an important step forward for pre-K programming in Vermont.

You can read what the Governor had to say at his recent news conference announcing the State’s grant. Or you can watch a brief video clip.

Or Alicia Freese and Anne Galloway of captured the whole thing…..